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Defense Specific Camp

Registration is now open for our Defense Specific Program.

The program is designed for AAA and Junior level high performance players (male and female) and preference will be given to those players.  Sessions will be designed to provide maximum reps in small and medium area setups that focus on individual technical skills, individual tactics and small group tactics.

Please use the link below to submit your registration.  A representative of SPS Hockey will contact you to make payment arrangements.

Space is limited to 20 players per session and each session will be lead by 3 instructors.


     July 11, 2022    7:00pm    Richcraft SensPlex (HEO)
     July 14, 2022    7:00pm    Richcraft SensPlex (HEO)
     July 18, 2022    7:00pm    Richcraft SensPlex (HEO)
     July 21, 2022    7:15pm    Richcraft SensPlex (Potvin)
     July 25, 2022    7:00pm    Richcraft SensPlex (HEO)
     July 28, 2022    7:15pm    Richcraft SensPlex (Potvin)
     Aug 1, 2022      7:00pm    Richcraft SensPlex (CT)
     Aug 4, 2022      7:15pm    Richcraft SensPlex (Potvin)


     $275.00 - Full Program  (payment in full required prior to start date)

     $35.00 - Per Session (payment required prior to attending the session)


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